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Sunny is clever copywriting, content and strategy for creative souls. It's where words shine.


I'll make your words dance for you.

The best way I can describe my job is I use words to make people shine.

As well as writing content and giving creative direction, I’m a wellness and travel journalist and have spent more than a decade working in the Australian media and marketing industries. Some of my highlights are interviewing Mari Andrew about using creativity as therapy for Collective Hub, unearthing the best mid-flight meditation apps for Qantas, uncovering the country’s dreamiest wellness getaways for House of Wellness and investigating why we’re all drinking tequila wrong for Broadsheet.

When you bundle up my background you get a person who can look at your offering, take the words out of your mouth and the vision out of your mind, and mould it into something meaningful. Something that exudes your essence, and makes an exceptional first impression.

When we work together, your brand is bouncing around in my head during my morning yoga class, afternoon stroll and evening glass of red. That’s why I only take on a handful of clients at a time, and why I only work with brands whose work resonates.

You’re here because you need someone to nurture your narrative. You want to build and connect to your audience. Then sell the idea you’ve spent hours dreaming, designing and making. But sometimes, you can’t find the bloody words.

I can be your ray of anecdotal sunshine. I know your venture is much more than just a product (and a pretty face). It's a story. Let’s make it shine.

Jenna Meade



Timbrel Films

Working with Jenna has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. Not only is she a lovely human and so easy to work with, but she’s made me sound so damn good! Jenna took the time to understand my brand and performed absolute word magic on my About page and Price Guide. Her process valued what was important to me while also highlighting what would be important to my clients, and created something so much better than I could have hoped for. I will definitely be recommending her to anyone wanting people to connect with their brand.


With Love Weddings

Finding Jen was one of the best business decisions we have made. The world of copywriting was new to us and was the one part of the business that really lacked. From our search online everything we came across was very dry and didn't have the personality we were looking for. Until we found Sunny Copy. Jen really listened and understood our little business from the get-go. She has elevated our brand and continues to make all our words shine bright.

Nat, Stef and Jo

Ivory Tribe

If you’re on the hunt for a superstar with words, declare the search over! Jen has been lighting up our lives with clever copy and the vibe always fits our tribe. Whenever we’ve needed to hit a deadline, or simply don’t have the words, Jen steps in and creates good quality copy that we always love.


Upstate Yoga & Pilates

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jenna. Our brand has evolved over the past few years, and we engaged her to review and update our website copy. Jenna is a very talented storyteller and added a depth to our brand language that was missing. She really took the time to understand our story and evolution, and she was very open to feedback throughout the process. We ended up engaging her for more work than anticipated included media releases and staff bios. We will definitely work with Jenna again and would happily recommend.



I actually cried I was so moved. Who I am, my delivery and my intention is so hard to encapsulate, but you did it perfectly. There are so many beautiful sentences, woven flawlessly and landing just right. I just read it again and got goosebumps. Jenna, you have such an important job! What a beautiful thing you do, to be a translator of messages in such an amazing way.


Assemble Agency

Working with Jen is the easiest part of my day. She is an absolute pleasure to brief, and her writing just flows - every time. She takes my brain dumps and turns them into magic words. Amazing! Jen makes our words make sense at Assemble, and she is a super nice person too.


The Locavorium

What an absolute pleasure to work with Jenna for my website, then again for my artisan chocolate bar range. Jenna employs a very thorough approach to understanding the needs and objectives of the project, and nailed the brief first time on both jobs. Not only is she amazingly clever and creative but she is simply a lovely person to work with!


Paddock Dreams

Bloody brilliant Jenna! You are a star! Girl you make those words dance on the page; you are so talented. We love it so much - thank you.


The Witch Apprentice

Your business needs this woman! I’m one of those people that has a million things going on in my head at once with no way to articulate what I want to say. Jenna was a magician at divining my message and putting it all into words that cleverly captured the essence of my brand. She had no trouble producing work for a niche market and she totally surpassed all of my expectations.


Web Noise

Writing blog posts for our clients was a daunting task until we began working with Jenna. Her work has made a significant difference, and we’ve seen a remarkable 35% increase in social media followers and engagement across the board. Through Jenna we deliver remarkable content - on time and on message. And we always have a lot of fun along the way!



I absolutely love it all so, so much. I cannot thank you enough. You’ve got it all spot on. You’ve covered everything so perfectly for me. I read it first and loved it, and I’m reading it now and crying! But happy tears, because this put a big smile on my face.


Our future looks bright.

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